Proven By History

For over 60 years, Stein Seal Company has been a leading provider of custom designed seals and precision components for use in a wide variety of aerospace, marine and industrial applications. Starting in a rented space with five employees, Stein Seal steadily grew into the recognized industry leader we are today. In 1987, we moved into our own modern manufacturing plant, and with building additions over the years, now have over 100,000 square feet in this highly specialized facility.

As a privately owned company, we have remained focused on our long-term growth strategy regardless of economic and market fluctuations. With over 400 employees and manufacturing facilities strategically located both inside and out of the United States, Stein Seal, along with its affiliated companies, is ideally positioned to provide design, development, sales and service worldwide.

Stein Seal's expertise lies in the design, testing and manufacture of seals and precision components for the demanding and critical applications in military and commercial aircraft engines, power generation equipment, pumps, compressors, centrifuges, and both the military and commercial marine industry. Surpassing our customers' expectations by setting the highest standards for design proficiency and originality, constantly investigating new materials and processes, and refining our ability to manufacture to rigorous tolerances have made us the premier supplier of seals and specialty machined components.

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Company History Timeline

Date Event
1955 Stein Seal Company founded by Dr. Philip C. Stein in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1982 Philip Stein Jr. becomes President of Bissinger & Stein Inc.
2008 India facility established in Bangalore as Stein Seal Company (India) Pvt.Ltd.
2009 First dry gas seal panel supplied to IOCL through RD engineering
2009 First batch of seals supplied to Seals Limited, Dubai
2010 First API-682 pusher seal supplied to Stein Seal Company USA
2010 Installation and commissioning of dynamic test rig for Dry Gas Seal & Wet Seal
2011 First Batch of high precision components manufactured and supplied to Stein Seal Company USA
2011 First seal refurbishment centre is established at Kanpur Fertilizer Ltd
2011 Certified to ISO 9001:2008
2012 First Supply of stationary metal bellow seals to IOCL - Panipat
2013 Repair, Reconditioning, Static and Dynamic testing of 7 numbers API-682 pusher seal carried out for HPCL Mumbai successfully
2014 Installation and commissioning of API-682 seals and flush plan contract is carried out at L & T OMPL site, Mangalore
2014 Repair, Reconditioning, Static and Dyamic testing of 10 numbers Dry Gas Seal is carried out for MCC-PTA successfully
2014 Supplying of more than 50 numbers API-682 pusher seal for IOCl - Panipat
2015 Stein Seal Celebrates 60th Anniversary
2015 Supplying of Slurry seals to Vedanta Limited, NALCO and Utkal Alumina ranging from 60 mm to 220 mm shaft diameter

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